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Space 10 from Ikea, a laboratory for a future model of urban living

Publié le 28 March 2017

The Swedish brand is aiming to be a pioneer in the world of urban design thanks to this avant-garde space, where local craftspeople and citizens can meet to develop the habitat of tomorrow together.  

Space 10 from Ikea, a laboratory for a future model of urban living

In November 2015, Ikea transformed a former Danish canning factory into an exhibition centre open to everyone to present their research on home furniture.

The brand values personified

The project was conceived based on three key concepts: simplicity, practicality and durability. The entire atmosphere for the centre is developed in this spirit.

The venue, which previously housed a factory, has been redesigned as the base of the structure. Going inside, people find themselves in a huge exhibition space with a high ceiling and large bay windows which allow the light in.

Furniture is designed in a sleek style, with plant decor thrusting visitors into a natural environment.

Wood is used a lot and the carefully selected materials are aimed at creating a healthy, environmentally-friendly setting.

The elements of the design come from local crafts practictioners who are invited to come and advertise their work in a move for economic solidarity. Everything is in place to underline the image of a responsible brand which cares about the well-being of its fellow citizens.

Innovation at the heart of the idea

Space 10 is not a fixed exhibition space: on the contrary, the notion of movement is key. This space aims to showcase ideas and prototypes for innovative furniture.

The establishment, over two floors, presents original objects and new organizational concepts for living rooms.

The area is divided into a number of spaces, with differing functions depending on the current programme: a theatre for events or workshops, or simply walking through the collections.

These are designed by creators and designers who have given their imagination free rein. They are invited to design revolutionary hardware solutions which could become household essential.

The exchange of ideas, the motor for progress

Space 10 is first and foremost a place for meeting people and a chance to share views on the products on show.

Visitors are able to touch the work, and try them out directly. This tactile and direct discovery is the chance for producers to identify the strongest trends for thinking about the furniture of tomorrow.

A number of activities are programmed to stimulate dialogue and discussion in a friendly setting which lends itself to conversation. Private individuals and professionals can give their views on the ideas presented and broaden the debate.

Around the table everyone expresses their view: this is the best way of finding out the expectations and wishes of consumers in order to offer them a range of products adapted to how they live.


The strength of Ikea is to have created a flagship location for the identity it represents. Responsibility, proximity and dynamism are three notions held dear by the pioneering brand and which are represented in this space.

By combining what is useful and what is enjoyable to satisfy manufacturers and users, Space 10 not only works to meet communications aims but also production goals. This experimental forum is a useful tool for being at the forefront of urban living design.

Practical information

Flæsketorvet 10
1711 Copenhagen



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