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Sports brand Intersport and the ‘supporter’s bonus’

Publié le 10 June 2014

Olympique de Marseille’s new sponsor since the start of the Ligue 1 season, sports brand Intersport, has decided to be more than just a financial partner. For every goal scored by Marseille, the brand will offer a 5% reduction, which can be saved up and used on all Marseille products – a way of creating a buzz with supporters.

Sports brand Intersport and the ‘supporter’s bonus’

Do you want to buy a Marseille top? Wait for the day after a big win and you can take advantage of some great savings.

Sports brand Intersport and the ‘supporter’s bonus’

In November 2010, the club’s 7-0 win over the Slovak side Zilina, meant that supporters could benefit from a 35% saving… Sports brand Intersport showed that it wants an innovative partnership which benefits Marseille, Intersport and the supporters. “To be a sponsor is to become one of the club’s biggest supporters – and to encourage them just like their loyal fanbase,” explains marketing director Michel Dailly. 5% discount for every goal, a way of linking client satisfaction to club performance.

Corinne Gensollen, director of operations at Marseille, expressed her satisfaction on the club’s website: “We are very pleased with the Intersport partnership, which goes beyond a simple exchange between two businesses and puts our supporters at the forefront… Marseille’s image will bring warmth and passion to Intersport, but we are also counting on the shops to increase our presence over France and abroad.”

Of course, this new partnership has some more traditional structures, notably the inscription of the sports brand’s logo on the new Marseille shirts. However, it’s really this innovative strategy which has made Intersport’s reputation. And when you think that 10 million Frenchmen have a positive or very positive opinion on Marseille, it was a stroke of genius from Intersport to reinvent the role of a sports sponsor.

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