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SushiShop combines sushi with aesthetics

Publié le 10 June 2014

SushiShop, created in 1998, benefited from the wave of interest in Japanese cuisine at the same time as its countless competitors – but it’s been able to impose itself as a leader in the French sushi market, with 65 outlets in 2010 and a turnover of 110 million Euros in 2011. How? To stand out, SushiShop decided to create a range by betting everything on aesthetics: food, packaging, advertising campaigns, everything aims to be of superior quality. And it’s been a success.

SushiShop combines sushi with aesthetics

SushiShop combines sushi with aesthetics

Professionals between 25 and 45 years old are the main target audience for SushiShop, and the sushi brand is bursting with ideas to attract them. The innovation begins with the menu: photos of the products look nothing like those of traditional brands, they are carefully crafted, almost artistic. Each product is staged, as if it were a precious dish. And it’s effectively the case: as well as ‘traditional’ sushis, makis and sashimis, which have become common among Japanese restaurants, SushiShop offers collections made up of original foods, including one, made from fruit, created by Christophe Lignac, or others with caviar, foie gras and spiced bread…

SushiShop combines sushi with aesthetics But the search for beauty doesn’t stop there: silver and ebony chopsticks, from Christofle, are available in sushi restaurants (€59), a way of enjoying sushi as if in an expensive restaurant…

SushiShop combines sushi with aesthetics

The sophistication extends as far as home deliveries, which represent 40% of turnover. The Blackbox was designed to ‘celebrate special occasions with exceptional sushi’; an even more prestigious version followed, the Redbox, developed in partnership with Kenzo Takada. In the red and pink box decorated with a cherry flower, which follows the rules of beauty of Japanese designers, 36 sushis of exceptional flavours: lobster, foie gras, langoustine… which are as tasty as they are beautiful. And for those who feel guilty about these slightly expensive treats (€50), SushiShop guarantees that you are doing a good deed, with two euros being donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

SushiShop combines sushi with aesthetics Online, the brand’s website is in line with the brand’s image: a black background, SushiShop products displayed with aesthetic clichés – that is understated, poetic and of high-quality. “We chose visuals that showed off the sushi with animal models: a horse, a crab and a butterfly, in the form of a virtual assembly. The evocative power of Japanese cuisine is infinite, tinged with poetry, sophistication, a whole ritual linked to the savouring of creative items,” explains on e-marketing Jacques Bouey, head of communications agency, Les Gens de l’Atelier.

Japan in what it does best, revisited thanks to original and prestigious partnerships which will delight the eyes as much as they do the taste buds: that’s what SushiShop offers its clients… who leave satisfied, given the remarkable increase of the company’s turnover!

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