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Tag Heuer’s 360° museum, a unique work of art in Switzerland

Publié le 24 October 2017

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Tag Heuer is opening a museum which is remarkable not only for its unusual architecture, but also for the numerous items on display.

Tag Heuer’s 360° museum, a unique work of art in Switzerland

The museum, built in La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland, was designed according to a 360° concept, and traces the history of the famous Swiss watch brand which was founded in 1860.

An architectural and technological shop window

Built at the home of Tag Heuer, this museum has an ambitious objective: to offer an architectural and technological window to visitors in order to promote the excellence of the brand.
A dynamic presentation of the history of Tag Heuer is combined with eco-friendly architecture, where natural light alone illuminates the space and where energy expenditure is carefully optimized.

An exceptional design

The interior of the museum is designed by Eric Carlson, of the Carbonade architecture studio. He was inspired by the mysterious and inaccessible space located between the dial on a watch and the glass covering it.

The circular room of 200m2 is built around three key elements.

Firstly, the Crystal glass, which symbolizes the glass which covers a watch. It is in fact a giant rotating screen, suspended mid-air for maximum visibility, which shows continuous images from the Tag Heuer archives. 12 computers are always running to project more than a million images an hour in this circular area.

Next is a timeline which references the edge of the dial. This 50-metre long room traces the history of the business, like the hands on a watch. The timeline shows photos and models of watches going back as far as 1860.

Finally, there are nine circular cases, symbolising watch dials, in the centre of the museum. A highly reflective black surface, reminiscent of motor oil, frames the metre-high circular displays containing the most beautiful and symbolic models of the Tag Heuer brand.

The entirety of the concept is based on highly crafted designer materials, which reflect the ethos of the brand.

A 360° concept which makes each visit unique

Three different themes are brought into focus for visitors: the legends of the brand, its history and its collections.

Under the images which appear on a loop, spectators are invited to allow themselves to be gently carried away by the history of the business, surrounded by the notable people and events organised around the brand.

Visitors learn about Edouard Heuer (the founder),the plans for the very first watch models, the clock-making of tomorrow and even the strong links between the brand and Formula One motor racing.

These images celebrate the values of innovation, precision and sophistication at Tag Heuer.

A museum in the image of the brand

The museum aims to epitomise the brand through its sleek design, avant-garde audio-visual experience, watch-inspired architecture and demonstration of the strong historical links between the brand and its sport. The objective is achieved with this building, with the DNA of the brand coming across clearly during the course of a visit.

Practical information
TAG Heuer 360
6A Rue Louis-Joseph Chevrolet
2300 La Chaux-De-Fonds



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