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Team London encourages locals to help improve their community

Publié le 2 June 2014

To encourage the town’s citizens to partake in voluntary work, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has created a new campaign namedTeam London, aiming to bring together people’s goodwill and the needs of the city. By showing Londoners that their voluntary work can have an immediate impact on their own quality of life and that of their neighbourhood, the city hopes to encourage a large number of Londoners to get involved.

Team London encourages locals to help improve their community

Volunteers can view the vast range of volunteering opportunities available in their area by logging onto the initiative’s website and choosing the cause they would like to dedicate some of their time to. Whether that’s citizen patrols to deter burglaries or planting trees within the city, there’s an option for everyone.

Team London encourages locals to help improve their community

According to London 24, Boris Johnson commented on his new initiative, stating, “Making London a greener city through tree planting is one of the tasks that the Team London volunteers we’re hoping to recruit will be able to participate in. This is one of the essential parts of my campaign to re-create a village atmosphere and make London a greener, cleaner and more pleasant city to live in”.

The mayor hopes to recruit at least 10,000 volunteers thanks to the new website’s portal page. 1600 have already volunteered to help children from foreign countries to better integrate via private lessons and organised play sessions.

What’s the latest Team London campaign to increase the awareness of how important volunteering is in the local community? The council has created a competition named ‘Nominate your Team London Star’ where London citizens can vote for the most committed volunteer in their area; and what better way to acknowledge the importance of the people that give so much back to their neighbourhoods?

Team London encourages locals to help improve their community

Huge posters have been put up in tube stations and trains to encourage inhabitants to vote for their favourite Londoner…and to make them think about getting involved themselves!

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