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The Palace of Versailles invests in the RER C railway line

Publié le 10 June 2014

In May 2012, a big marketing campaign by towns in the Paris suburbs saw the RER C trains redecorated with giant stickers, imitating the interior design of the Palace of Versailles. This initiative is as much aimed at commuters as it is at tourists who use this oldest and most-used railway line in France. Approximately one train carriage in four benefited from this business idea. Anti-graffiti stickers were specially designed to reproduce the Hall of Mirrors, as well as famous paintings, Louis XIV’s personal library and the Temple of Love...

The Palace of Versailles invests in the RER C railway line

Their design took 3 months, followed by 2 weeks of applying the stickers, at a cost of cost approximately 20000€. The inauguration date was 16th May, just before the start of the summer tourist season.

The Palace of Versailles invests in the RER C railway line

This innovative decoration is a great initiative to encourage tourism in Versailles. “We’re inviting people, tourists and residents alike, to visit the royal residence by taking the train. It’s a way for visitors to get away from ordinary life, and it gives tourists a taste of what there is to come on arrival in Versailles”, explains Catherine Pégard, president of the l’Etablissement public du château de Versailles (Public Establishment of the Palace of Versailles), on the Golem 13 website. The idea of these indoor views actually came from a Palace employee, and it was immediately accepted by Guillaume Pepy, head of the SNCF (French rail company). “It is absolutely brilliant for this railway line, as it serves lots of tourist destinations”, he explained to the Parisien newspaper.

Decorating the RER C is a great initiative and an innovative way to bring style back to French public transport, which is too often decried for being obsolete in today’s modern society, as well as for its drab appearance dueto acts of vandalism occurring on a regular basis.

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