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The Styleliner, a luxury accessory store… which moves around in a lorry

Publié le 10 June 2014

After food trucks, mobile lorries which offer food, the fashion truck: the descendent of Marks & Spencer founder has just launched The Styleliner, a bus full of top-end accessories which moves around the United daily

The Styleliner, a luxury accessory store... which moves around in a lorry

Joey Wolffer is only 29, but she already knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life: work in the world of fashion, and make luxury and style accessible to all women. She’s done it with Styleliner, a mobile store which offers items from young designers unearthed exclusively by Joey, who travelled the world to do it.

Each item of clothing or accessory is offered in very limited numbers, and the lorry looks more like a treasure chest than a classic, tidy shop. “With these pieces, you will easily stand out from those women who shop in big department stores, but without breaking the bank,” promises the designer.

The Styleliner, a luxury accessory store... which moves around in a lorry

Why a lorry and not a shop on solid ground? Joey replies to the blogger Guest of a Guest: “Of course there are material considerations: it was cheaper to buy a lorry than a store. But there is also the freedom it offers: it gives me the time to travel, to continue to discover talented designers that nobody knows and showcase their sublime creations in the United States. A nomadic, mobile store to offer these creations to the whole world, it made complete sense to me. What’s more, the development of food trucks showed that customers love to buy whenever they want in a slightly quirky context, we bring the objects to them rather than them going to the shops.”

The lorry visits regular customers. Others can usually find it in New York, but also in the Hamptons (New York), in summer and Florida in winter – two prime destinations for young, trendy women from good families. It also heads to American fashion weeks. But the designer cares about all women and showcases the majority of her accessories on her website… so that, as promised, all women can treat themselves to a unique luxury item at a reasonable price!

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