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In Toronto (Canada), a bookshop has created a vending machine for old books

Publié le 13 March 2018

The bookshop ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ has created a surprising vending machine: one which distributes … old books.

In Toronto (Canada), a bookshop has created a vending machine for old books

The ‘Monkey’s Paw’ bookshop located in Toronto specialises in the sale of rare and unique 20th-century books. What is the principle? To recover old, or even obsolete books, to give them another life. It’s a singular bookshop where every item is unique.

To make its products attractive, the store has gone for an unusual combination of the prototype of modernity (vending machines) and the literary incarnation of the past (old books). This is how the first-ever vintage book vending machine came about.

Created by a design artist, the machine is filled each day with old books which are distributed randomly to those who want them. The slogan explains how it works: “Here you will find the book you didn’t know you were looking for.”

 The proliferation of vending machines in shops is a growing trend: they are very practical and allow people to avoid a number of problems. They signal the end of queues and opening hours. The immediacy of the machine corresponds with the most pressing needs of the customer. But here it is not about a snack or a fresh drink but a quirky impulse: to be surprised, by a machine, with its choice of a book for us to read.

The marriage of vintage and modernity is given its blessing on the bookshop’s Facebook page – which attracts lots of visits and comments.

 Practical information

The Monkey’s Paw

1267 Bloor St. West

Toronto, Ontario M6H 1N7



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